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Hey guys,

As most of you know, we have a "Top Donor" of every month. Although it's there, nothing has ever really been done with it, it's just kind of a title. I personally really appreciate anyone who donates to the server as it helps pay for new additions and for the server costs. But I feel as though the top donor should be rewarded with something. So from this month and all months after I will be doing a random "Top Donor Bundle" reward that will be given to the top Donor of that month. This months bundle will consist of the following:

x3 Legend Keys

x3 Jackpot Keys

x3 Random Shiny Vouchers

I will announce the Top Donor of the month and the next months bundle at the end of each month.

Along with this reward addition I will also be looking into adding a few tiers of subscription donation options (sort of like twitch prime). These subscriptions will be monthly, and for each month you have an active subscription you will get the rewards for that tier. The rewards for each tier will be changed monthly similar to the Top Donor Bundle. These subscription packages will most likely be added this weekend, I will announce when they are available.

I'd also like to take this time to thank any and all people who have supported the server in the past, and who continue to support the server moving forward. :heart: you guys! 

Ultimate_OP I love this server and with it's new growth im very happy to be a part of it. :)

Top Voters!

[Owner] IBG_Nova posted Oct 2, 17

Top Voters for September:

PineappleKittenz: 25 votes - $50

Koize: 21 votes - $25

Adaxial: 14 votes - $10

Thank you all for voting, it really helps grow the server! And a special thanks to the three above, if you're one of the three above please send me a PM here or on Discord to receive your reward. :D

Player Gyms!

[Owner] IBG_Nova posted Oct 2, 17

Hey guys,

As some of you may have heard, we're going to be adding in Player Gyms! These gyms, and the applications for these gym positions will be coming very soon, but before we start adding these gyms in we want to hear from you guys. We want to know what gym types you'd like to see, or even what gym type you'd like to be the leader of at some point. So comment down below what gym types you'd like to see, and once we have a few we'll start working on adding them in!

Raptor_Duke Yup I like that idea of mew gym instead of poison xD
InkFilms ill like to be a gym leader (Fire/dragon)
xXStorm_GamingXx id love to become the grass leader