Server Rules

Notice: Please avoid using the Technic Launcher, if you are using this launcher please swap over to the Pixelmon Launcher that can be found here. There has been reported issues with the Technic Launcher causing players to lose the Pokemon in their parties, so starting today (2/5/2017), we will no longer be replacing Pokemon lost due to this issue!

WARNING: Lending players Pokemon to beat the gyms, E4, and/or Event Trainers is not tolerated, players should play the game how it is meant to be played and work their way up to beating them. Lending Pokemon to beat NPCs will result in a 7day temp-ban, and also may result in the borrowed Pokemon(s) being deleted!

Chat Offenses

Racist , Sexist, and Homophobic terms will not be tolerated.

Death threats are taken very serious and will result in a Permanent Mute or Ban.
(This includes “KYS”, “Go neck yourself”, and or any other terms promoting suicide.)

Spamming is not allowed.
(Spamming is repeating a message with little to no delay. Please only post the same message every 2 minutes.)

Promoting Spam will not be tolerated.
Example: “Who ever types my number 1 - 100 gets a free _____”

Cap Spamming is not allowed.

Advertising another server will result in a Permanent Mute or Ban

Please try to keep it to English only in global chat, if you wish to speak your native language please take it to PMs.

Mentioning the name of another server in public chat is not allowed.
Example: “Hey guys wanna go play on this server for a bit?”

Asking for OP will result in a punishment.

Asking for spawned in items or pokemon will result in a Warning followed by a Mute.

Inappropriate nicknames will result in a disciplinary actions.

Staff / Player disrespect will result in punishment.

Leaking Player / Staff info is not allowed.
(This includes personal social media accounts.)

Staff Impersonation is not allowed.

Server Offenses

Griefing or Raiding will not be tolerated.
(This includes claiming someone’s build)

Player Harassment is not allowed.
(This includes remaining in someone’s home after being asked to leave.)

Any use of server Exploits will lead to punishment.
(Knowingly abusing an exploit and failing to report it will result in disciplinary actions.)

Any use of Hacked Clients or client modifications will result in a Permanent Ban.

Inappropriate Builds are not allowed.

Scamming In-Game for items or Pokemon is not allowed.

Any device that prevents you from being kicked by our afk kick is not allowed and may result in a Temp Ban if not removed. If you need to afk you can do /warp eggroad!

Warnings last 1 week.
Achieving 3 warnings in a single week will result in Temp Ban.