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Hey guys,

I have decided to setup the first official player tournament on UniversalRealms!

This tournament will take place next weekend November 11th and if needed will continue on November 12th.

The time frame of the tournament will be announced a few days before.

The top three players of the tournament will recieve:

1st - $75 In-Store Credit

2nd - $50 In-Store Credit

3rd - $25 In-Store Credit

The battles will be locked at Level 100, meaning you can bring your 225 Pokemon they will just be de-leveled during the battle.

And a few other rules will be set:

No Bag Items (Healing Potions etc.)

Only two legendaries per team

No duplicate Pokemon on a team

(More rules may be added before the 11th)

All you have to do to enter the Tournament is comment your Username below along with the team you plan to use in the tournament using the following format:

Username: IBG_Nova

P1: Gengar

P2: Mudkip

P3: Ho-Oh

P4: Kyogre

P5: Blaziken

P6: Digglet

I will announce here and on discord if any changes are made to the format or the rules. We hope to see you guys there. ;)

Icyshadow33 Username: Icyshadow33 P1: Mamoswine P2: Scizor P3: Magnezone P4: Politoed P5: Kabutops P6: Kingdra
RandomPotato124 Username: RandomPotato124 P1: Xerneas P2: Gliscor P3: Blaziken P4: Kyogre P5: Ferrothorn P6: Salamence
_NightG UserName: _NightG P1: Giratina P2: Volcanion P3: Greninja P4: Toxapex P5: Lucario P6: Jolteon

Gratz to _ToxicLemon_ for being the top donator of the month. Thank you for all your support. <3

This months top donor will receive:

x3 Legendary Keys

x1 Max IVs Voucher

x1 Shinify a Pokemon Voucher

I would also like to announce last months top voters:

1st Place: PineappleKittenz - $50 In-Store Credit

2nd Place: MartaniuM - $25 In-Store Credit

3rd Place: Ultimate_OP - $10 In-Store Credit.

If your name is listed above please contact me here, or on the discord to claim your prize.

Hey guys,

We have updated to Pixelmon Generations 1.1!

You can find the download here if you don't already have it installed.