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We have updated to 5.0.3! If you find any issues with this Pixelmon Version please report them to me on Discord or here on the forums. I hope you guys enjoy this update, and continue to enjoy the server. Thanks for all your continued support! 



Hey guys,

We have updated to Pixelmon 5.0.2! This Pixelmon Version introduces Mega Evolution, if you have any questions regarding how the Mega Evolution work please read through the Pixelmon Wiki here

You can download the Pixelmon Update here!

Also, our custom leveling plugin doesn't seem to be playing nice with the current Pixelmon Version, so we are attempting to get it fixed ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience. This issue has been fixed, candies are now working as intended. 

Hey guys,

As some of you might know, we are skipping the "Top Voters" this month. The website we were using to see votes took off that feature, but we are getting a custom plugin soon, so next month, Top Voters will resume. But for this month I have decided to do a giveaway as a temporary replacement for Top Voters. I was only going to do a small giveaway, but because we have hit our last two donation goals ($1000 and $1500) I will be combining all of these goals to make a massive giveaway.

The Giveaway will take place on March 4th at 2PM Central Standard Time!

This giveaway is going to have 40 prizes, and will be the biggest giveaway we have ever done! 

All you have to do to enter is comment your Minecraft Username on this post. You must be online at the time of the giveaway to receive a prize.

Depending on how many people are online at the time you may be able to win multiple prizes.

Prize Pool: 

1 - Platinum Rank

2 - MVP Rank

3 - VIP Rank

4 - Supporter Rank

5 - Max IV Voucher

6 - Legendary Key

7 - Legendary Key

8 - Legendary Key

9 - Shinify Pokemon Voucher

10 - Shinify Pokemon Voucher

11 - Shinify Pokemon Voucher

12 - x3 Jackpot Keys

13 - x3 Jackpot Keys

14 - Jackpot Key

15 - Jackpot Key

16 - Jackpot Key

17 - Ultimate Key

18 - Ultimate Key

19 - Ultimate Key

20 - 150k In-Game Money

21 - 100k In-Game Money

22 - 100k In-Game Money

23 - 100k In-Game Money

24 - 50k In-Game Money

25 - 50k In-Game Money

26 - 50k In-Game Money

27 - x3 Random Shiny Vouchers

28 - x3 Random Shiny Vouchers

29 - x3 Random Shiny Vouchers

30 - x5 Random Pokemon Vouchers

31 - x5 Random Pokemon Vouchers

32 - x5 Random Pokemon Vouchers

33 - Advanced Key

34 - Advanced Key

35 - x3 Master Balls

36 - x3 Master Balls

37 - x32 Rare Candies

38 - Rare Heads Key

39 - Rare Heads Key

40 - Rare Heads Key

pignite12 my username is pigniteisawesome
VanityDv x Meh, it's finished, but VanityDv, i want one of each please ;)
panda_boy237 panda_boy237