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Updating to 5.1.1

[Owner] IBG_Nova posted Mon at 20:23

The server has updated to 5.1.1, but there are a few known issues:

1. Gyms are still currently broken (Working on getting a fix from the Pixelmon Devs)

2. Leveling past 100 is currently disabled as well as using custom candies. We are working on getting a fix for this and hope to have it back up tonight.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, we hope to get these issues fixed soon.

Columbias Hey its columbias and cabinetfanatic. We cannot log onto the server Universal Realms. It says we dont have all the mods....
Imaboss_8A_Pro Lets go!

We have been getting multiple complaints of people having their bases claimed by other people before they were done building. This is just a reminder: CLAIM YOUR LAND BEFORE YOU START BUILDING!!!! Please guys. . . it's not that hard, be smart about how you build/claim.

We will no longer be dealing with any of these complaints, if you don't claim your base and someone else claims it there's nothing we can do without solid proof you built the base.

MJdiamind Its sad this is a problem..

Hey guys,

I am aware Pixelmon 5.1.0 is out, but I am going to be waiting a little bit before we update. The reason I am doing this is due to the fact that this version is a Bets Build, and with that comes tons of bugs. I'd rather not risk having to do a massive rollback due to an issue that pops up. Once I see that this version is stable, or they release a new one, I will update to the newest version.